Savanna House offers enhanced dining options


Many seniors entering assisted living facilities imagine their meals will consist of what lots of us were served for lunch in elementary school: a square pizza and a scoop of corn; a thin, hard hamburger and some soggy fries; or some sort of mystery meat and a spoonful of fruit drenched in the syrup from the can it came in.

At Savanna House, this isn’t the case.

Dining and Hospitality

Whether you’re a resident or you’re visiting a loved one, we want you to have a delightful dining experience. Our experienced culinary team offers exciting new seasonal dishes and homestyle meals. Nearly everything is made from scratch.

Our dining program will remind you more of a meal with family and friends than an institutional dinner service where you’re pushed through a cafeteria line. Our menus, which are based on your personal tastes, feature flavor and flare. Our food and the atmosphere in which it is served are designed to make you feel right at home.

We believe food can be a form of medicine.

According to the National Resource Center on Nutrition, Physical Activity and Aging, 1 in 4 older Americans has poor nutrition. Malnutrition puts you at risk of becoming overweight or underweight. It can weaken your muscles and bones. It also leaves you vulnerable to disease.

Health Benefits

A healthy diet can help with strength and mobility, which can help prevent falls. It can help you heal quicker and stave off illness. It can also delay deterioration in your eyes, brain and other organs. Nutritious meals can make you stronger to fight cancer or other diseases, and it can make taking medication a little easier.

Beyond that, good food can be the path to a good mood. We’ve seen attitudes positively impacted by savory meals that serve as reminders of home. Getting together with other residents for lively conversation over healthy meals will put a smile on your face.

We want your life at Savanna House to be as healthy and vibrant as possible. We know that starts with nutritious, exciting dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.