When is the right time for assisted living?

When is the right time for assisted living?

There’s no perfect answer, but here are a few things to consider:

Better to be early than late

If you’re thinking of having a talk with your parents about the right time for assisted living — or if you’re considering assisted living for yourself — the time to start the discussion is now. 

  • Take tours of several facilities in your area. 
  • Gain a better understanding of the services they offer and the fees they require.
  • Look at rooms and get copies of available floor plans. 
  • Meet with administrators. 
  • Try the food. 
  • Observe classes or other activities.
  • Ask lots of questions. 

In the same way, you probably did when you were looking for a house, make a list of the things you’d like to have. Take a hard look at your budget and see how many of those things you can get in your price range. 

By starting this process early, you’ll have plenty of time to make an informed, clear-headed decision. And while too many opinions can create conflicts that are difficult to resolve, you will want to involve key decision-makers in this process. Having buy-in from family members will make the move to assisted living a smoother transition. 

What kind of care will you need?

If you’ve got an early start as we recommend, the answer to this question may be more of a forecast, but it’s still something you’ll want to consider carefully. There are many different types of assisted living facilities and they offer a broad range of services. 

• Will you need help bathing and dressing? 
• Will you need memory care?
• Do you have ongoing medical conditions?
• How active would you like to be?
• How social would you like to be?

What is your current situation?

Have there been any major changes in your life recently? Often times, we see people consider assisted living more after the death of a spouse, the diagnosis of a serious illness or an incident that leaves them unable to consistently care for themselves. Ask yourself these questions:

• Have you fallen recently?
• Are you forgetting things more often?
• Is cooking and caring for yourself increasingly difficult?
• Is taking care of your home becoming too much of a chore?
• Do you have a home that requires a lot of maintenance?
• Do you have regular visitors and people who are capable of taking care of you?
• Are you becoming isolated or withdrawn?

What are other people saying?

At Savanna House, we work hard to get the word out about our state-of-the-art facility, top-notch services, fun activities, and fresh, delicious food. But some of the best advertising can come from the residents and their families. Ask around about the reputations of assisted living facilities in your area.

For example, here’s what Karen Tomoroy had to say about Savanna House: 

“The search is over! Savanna House is a beautiful community- such a warm and welcoming place. I am truly impressed with the staff- they are so kind and attentive. From the director right down to the housekeepers- it is a comfort to see how they interact with the residents and each other. The staff are always available to answer questions and find ways to make your loved one feel safe and happy. With so many places to choose from, I am so grateful we found Savanna House! Thank you!”